Our History

Village Green Co-op bought a 116 unit townhouse project at 20A Bunting Drive (Steeles and McMurchy). The project was a bankrupt condominium, previously known as College Green. A majority of the units required rehabilitation and extensive landscape work. With the help of HOMESTARTS staff, Village Green was incorporated in the Fall of 1979 and fully operational by the Spring of 1980. 


Since that time Village Green has been a member of CHF (Co-opeartive Housing Federation of Canada) and home to many. There are two, three and four bedroom townhouse units. Units are not owned by individual families they are owned as a collective. Individuals who reside in the units pay a membership fee and are members who do not pay rent but pay a housing charge every month.


Our co-op is run by administrative staff and volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors as well as through committees. Members are responsible for paying their monthly housing charges, maintaining their units and yards, getting along with neighbours, attending general members meetings, taking part in special projects which may be allocated to the general membership from time to time, report any damage to the co-op property as soon as it is noticed, be prepared and willing to participate, abide by co-op by-laws, policies, rules and regulations, respect others' rights and be part of a community.


It is an exciting time for Village Green members as our co-op is now mortgage free and our Operating Agreement with with CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) has come to an end. The Co-op will now be governed solely by its members. 

Our Mission Statement

To sustain Village Green to a standard that is able to support present and future members.


Maintain a social and economic housing structure to grow into the future. Give each member a democratic vote and rule with fair and impartial policies and guidelines.


Celebrate a strong non-profit diversified community. Blending community members, business and society, allowing each of us to be strong together.